Dave Savides
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19 Oct 2016
2:27 pm

Richards Bay woman swept by wave while praying

Dave Savides

A lifeguard heroically saved the woman from being swept out to sea.

Life guard saves woman from waves

Swift response from a city lifeguard saved an elderly woman from being dragged out into the raging sea of Alkantstrand on Sunday afternoon in Richards Bay while praying, Zululand Observer reports.

Lifeguard, Daniel Lubanyana and the elderly woman saved .

Lifeguard Daniel Lubanyana and the elderly woman he saved.

The woman had reportedly been sitting in shallow water, apparently praying, when a wave swept around her, and she found herself being dragged helplessly seawards in the rip current.

Her heavy clothing made her attempts to regain her footing and avoid drowning even more difficult. Her prayers were answered when veteran lifeguard Daniel Lubanyana raced into action.

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“I had been keeping an eye out along that section of beach, even though bathing had been banned owing to dangers associated with spring tides.

“I saw her get into difficulties and reacted immediately, sprinting down to the beach and diving into the water.

“By the time I got to her she was about 30 metres from the shore, out of her depth and battling against powerful white water that would certainly have given her no hope of survival,” said Lubanyana.

“I was able to pull her back to safety, and although she was absolutely drained of energy, she did not require any medical assistance.”

The woman was absolutely drained of energy.

The woman was absolutely drained of energy.

While Daniel modestly referred to the incident as “a routine help-out”’, there was no doubt among witnesses that he had saved her life.

– Caxton News Service