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19 Oct 2016
1:23 pm

Elderly couple’s 3-hour robbery ordeal

CNS Reporter

St Lucia residents Louw and Hettie Klopper’s terrifying three-hour hostage ordeal

Robbery survivors Louw and Hettie Kloppers at their home in St Lucia.

An elderly couple from St Lucia, in KwaZulu-Natal, sustained minor injuries after being held at gunpoint and robbed in their home in the early hours of Saturday morning, Zululand Observer reports.

The couple, Louw, 78, and Hettie, 77, Kloppers were asleep when three men gained entry to the house and kept them hostage for three hours while they ransacked the home and stole valuables worth R100 000.

According to Hettie, the nightmare began just before 1am.

“I was sleeping next to my husband and suddenly felt someone grab me by my neck, pull me out of my bed and on to the floor, and l fell on my bed,” she said.

“There were three men, one wearing a green balaclava, but the other two had their faces exposed,” she added

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“They asked me where our guns and money were kept and spoke very quietly.”

During the horrifying ordeal, Hettie begged the intruders not to harm her husband, who is confined to a wheelchair.

Louw was, however, thrown to the floor, had pieces of clothing shoved into his mouth and had his hands tied.

According to Hettie, nothing was left behind. “They took everything – clothing, food, jewellery and various household goods.”

Although shaken and disturbed by the ordeal, she said she was thankful that her grandson, 13, who lives with them, was not there when the incident occurred, as he was staying at a friend’s house for the night.

A case of house robbery has been opened at Mtubatuba Police Station for further investigations, and no arrests have been made.

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