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6 Oct 2016
3:29 pm

Brother and sister squabble over RDP house

CNS Reporter

The brother says he accommodated his sister in his dilapidated house, but she is the one who was given a house 'that should be his'.

While more than 66 residents of the Sebokeng hostel in Vereeniging, Gauteng, received keys to their new RDP houses, Tsatsi Petrus Ruele, 57, has been twiddling his thumbs for more than a generation, Sedibeng Ster reports.

He has spent 38 years of his life in number 275, Block D, hostel 4. The dilapidated roof of the house has reached the end of its lifespan.

His hope of receiving a house was extinguished when his name was not on the list when houses were being handed out recently.

Tsatsi stays with his 50-year-old younger sister and grandchildren. As a residents committee member, the sister apparently works closely with the housing manager.

Tsatsi said his sister suddenly found herself with access to a house.

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Tsatsi said: “I accommodated her in 2003 from Zone 11, but she is the one that finds herself being given a house that should be mine.

“I have been kicked out of my bedroom to sleep in the kitchen. Sometimes they lock me out of the house.”

He said former ward councillors Madisebo Kgomoeasera and Mamogo Mtambo knew about his circumstances: “They promised me I would be first on the list once a house was available, but it does not seem like it.”

Sedibeng Ster reports that, due to the squabble over who was the rightful owner of the house, the housing department decided to hand it over to the nearest family member.

“Apparently both parties will now have to wait another decade,” he said.

Tsatsi’s application has been sent to the department of housing in Vereeniging.

– Caxton News Service