CNS reporter
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6 Oct 2016
10:41 am

Driver killed in collision with 45-ton truck

CNS reporter

The car came to a stop about 250 metres from the point of impact.

A driver of a car was killed in a collision with a 45-ton truck. Picture: Emer-G-Med.

A driver sustained fatal injuries after a 45-ton truck collided with the car he was driving in Heidelberg last night, October 5.

Emer-G-Med paramedics and Heidelberg volunteer medics responded to the scene and found the truck had pushed the car off the road and into the field during the collision. The car came to a stop about 250m from the point of impact, said Emer-G-Med spokesperson Max Cohen.

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The driver of the car was declared dead on the scene, but no other injuries were reported. “Local traffic authorities were on the scene to investigate,” said Cohen.

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