Battered child in bush mystery

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Diego Grez)

Mystery surrounds the identity of a six-year-old child who was found naked, severely injured and unconscious in Chatsworth last week.

Calvin Munsamy and his bro-ther, Dereshan Pillay, found the boy after venturing into the bush near their home to investigate what they were convinced were cries for help.

The family had heard screams for help and alerted the police hours before Munsamy discovered the abandoned child.

Pillay had heard cries of help the night before, but thought nothing of it.

“I was under the impression that the cries were coming from my aunt’s house. The next day the crying got worse and on investigation we discovered that it was coming from the bush near our house.

“We contacted the police who responded immediately.

“However, when the two officers arrived on the scene and were informed of what was going on, they said that it may be a tokoloshe.

“They visited the scene, but said that the search and rescue team had to be called in. After waiting for three hours for the team, they left to attend to other duties.

“When a man from the dog unit arrived he said the screams may be a cat’s and was insistent that he was correct. He left without searching,” said Pillay.

Munsamy’s wife, Joann, said that when her husband arrived home he decided to search himself. “He refused to eat until he found out where and who the cries were from.

“He took Dereshan and proceeded into the bushes. After 15 minutes of searching, they discovered the injured and unconscious child in the bushes. The child was completely naked and battered.

“We took him to hospital for treatment where he is under medical observation.”

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