Gardener saves Centurion resident’s life

The extraordinary gardener, Mpho Nkona's speedy reaction saved a resident's life. Centurion Rekord.

The extraordinary gardener, Mpho Nkona's speedy reaction saved a resident's life. Centurion Rekord.

A resident, Marlene Greeff, broke her ankle and couldn’t move.

A dependable gardener working in Centurion became a hero when he saved the life of one of the residents by rushing her to hospital, reports the Centurion Rekord.

The 33-year-old Mpho Nkuna, who has been working there for almost 10 years, said he had a close relationship with the tenants and often helped them with certain chores.

He said one of the residents Marlene Greeff had an operation the previous week, and he would often text her to hear if she was well.

“Later in the afternoon when I didn’t hear from her, I went to check if everything is fine.”

Nkuna said when he got to the house, he found Marlene had broken her ankle and couldn’t move. “She couldn’t even get up to look for her cellphone.”

He said he was unable to carry Greeff to her car but ran to one of the neighbours, who he knew had a wheelchair.

“We got into her car, and I drove her to her doctor’s surgery. He referred her to the hospital.”

At the hospital, Nkuna called Greeff’s daughters to inform them of what had happened.

“When her family arrived I could leave. I went back to the house to park Greeff’s car and check if the dog was fine.”

From her hospital bed a grateful Greeff said when she heard her dog barking, she knew it would be Mpho. “I started shouting from the room.”

Greeff said although Nkuna was the complex’s gardener, she knew he had a driver’s licence. “We know each other for many years. I gave him the car keys, and he rushed me to my doctor and then to the hospital.”

She said a mere thank you for the trustworthy Nkuna was not enough, but it was all she could say. “How do you thank someone for saving your life?”

Nkuna, who lives in Ga-Rankuwa, told Centurion Rekord he has been working at the complex for many years because the residents were kind towards him. “I love working here. You learn a lot about people. These are good people,” he said.

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