Michelle Dennis
1 minute read
26 Sep 2016
5:29 pm

Released prisoner hijacks vehicle in KZN

Michelle Dennis

A high-speed chase by police ended with the thief ditching the vehicle and taking off on foot.

A man out of jail a mere three weeks reportedly returned to crime when he hijacked a vehicle in Groutville yesterday, North Coast Courier reports.

A Toyota Hilux, owned by Westwood Plant Hire, was hijacked in the Groutville area yesterday at 3.30pm.

The driver was assaulted and the Hilux taken.

The hijacked vehicle was recovered, apparently undamaged.

The hijacked vehicle was recovered, apparently undamaged.

Rex Hunt from Alpha Security was alerted, and he and another member of his reaction crew tracked the vehicle with the help of Cartrack and found it in the Ndwedwe area.

“I tried to stop the vehicle, but the hijacker almost ran me over before he sped off in the vehicle,” said Hunt.

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“A high-speed chase by Alpha Security and Cartrack ended with the suspect ditching the vehicle and running away with an Alpha officer giving chase.

“Unfortunately the hijacker was not found, but the vehicle was recovered and fortunately not damaged.

“The hijacker has been identified and an investigation is under way.”

Hunt found the hijacker’s private vehicle in Groutville and informed police.

He said they had since discovered the man had just three weeks ago been released after being convicted for impersonating a police officer.

– Caxton News Service