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26 Sep 2016
1:15 pm

If you say I’m a spy, be smart enough to know spies use codes – Madonsela

Citizen reporter

With allegations of being a spy continuously following her, Madonsela says her detractors could have done a far better job of 'framing her'.

FILE PICTURE: Public Protector Thuli Madonsela. Picture: Christine Vermooten

Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela has once again come out to deny claims that she is a spy under the payroll of the US intelligence agency the CIA following the resurgence of the allegations made in a report by a blog belonging to political party Black First Land First (BLF).

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Last week Thursday, Black Opinion alleged Madonsela had been in a “big rush” to conclude a complaint lodged by the Democratic Alliance (DA) into state capture by the controversial Gupta family because she wanted to give the DA “one more big political gift” before she leaves office in October when her seven-year term ends.

“Sources say that Advocate Madonsela has been promised a big political role for the 2019 elections by the DA. It seems that in a quid pro quo type of arrangement Madonsela, in exchange for the gift, has dedicated herself to prioritising the baseless DA complaint that is, in turn, set to provide the DA with huge political mileage.”

The report supposedly contained an email sent by Madonsela to a CIA operative named Ilka Rodriguez. The contents of the email, which The Citizen cannot independently verify, purportedly shows the outgoing Public Protector asking for assistance regarding her alleged involvement with the spy agency.

We actually even went as far as to send an email to the gmail account that’s supposedly owned by Madonsela. Interestingly, we didn’t get an error message, suggesting that such an email address does in fact exist. However, we didn’t receive an answering email from Madonsela either (we were hoping it may have said, “Hi, this is Thuli, and yes, this is the email I use for all my secret spying activities, you got me.” But sadly, no – Ed).


The ‘evidence’ of Madonsela being a spy.

The report also said the BLF had opened a criminal case against her for abusing her office, which claims Madonsela ignores complaints of corruption against white capital.

“How Madonsela has conducted herself gives credence to old claims of her links with the CIA. These claims have surfaced again in recent weeks in the blogosphere.”

On Saturday Madonsela took to Twitter to rubbish the claims, saying that if anyone wanted to frame her, the “least you can do is hire someone smart enough to know that spies used codes”.

On Sunday, the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) also accused Madonsela of being a CIA spy hell-bent on pleasing her handlers along with National Treasury through her high-profile investigation into state capture by the controversial Gupta family.

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