WATCH: Chaos after man ‘spits’ over woman’s food, calls her ‘racist’

WATCH: Chaos after man ‘spits’ over woman’s food, calls her ‘racist’

Chaos erupts over spitting in White River.

A man apparently assaulted three people after a woman complained he had spat over her food.

Drama ensued in White River, Mpumalanga, on Saturday after a woman was attacked by a man who had apparently spat in her food, Lowvelder reports.

The incident saw bystanders at White River Square enter the fray.

Musa Nyundu, 44, was arrested. He appeared in the White River Magistrates’ Court on charges of assault on Monday.

Estelle Odendaal, 52, told Lowvelder she was shopping with her 14-year-old son. “He asked me to get some chips before we left so I went to King Pie,” she said.

Nyundu was standing in the queue next to her. “I could smell alcohol on him. He leaned over me while talking to someone else, and in doing so spat over my food.”

According to Odendaal, she asked him politely not to spit over her food. “He started swearing at me and calling me a racist, which I am not,” she added.

He apparently lunged at her, and she put up her arm to shield her face. He hit her in her chest. The centre’s security guards and passers-by came to her aid, but Nyundu turned on one of the people who tried to prevent him from assaulting her again, and a scuffle ensued.

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The security guards separated them. “I went back to King Pie when I heard him scream he was going to shoot me,” Odendaal said. A spectator warned her that Nyundu had gone to fetch his firearm out his vehicle.

Nyundu grabbed her by the throat and threw her on to the road. J&M security officers tackled and disarmed him. “They tied his hands, but a member of the public untied him, and he picked up one of the J&M security officers and threw him through the open doors of the Vodacom Shop,” Odendaal said.

According to Ian de Paiva from Hi-Tech Security White River, Nyundu bit his colleague Wynand Stevens, who was attempting to defuse the situation, on the chest.

“We took him to Kiaat Private Hospital,” De Paiva said. The flying squad and the K9 unit arrived. Odendaal went to the police station. Nyundu arrived and again threatened to shoot her. She walked out. He followed her. “He shouted he was going to kill me again. Only then did the police arrest him,” said Odendaal.

White River Square assistant manager Sihle Dube said management was shocked.

“Normally, the centre is a safe, peaceful and friendly environment. This was an isolated incident.”

– Caxton News Service

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