Facebook buzzing on Waterkloof arrests

FILE PICTURE: Christoff Becker one of the so called Waterkloof 4 exits the Poyntons building in Pretoria on 11 February 2014. Picture: Christine Vermooten

The re-arrest of two of the so-called “Waterkloof four” was the talk of the town on social networking site Facebook on Monday.

“Why are they making such a big fuss over the Waterkloof boys, all prisoners have cellphones and are still even on Facebook,” said Shai Ling in a Facebook comment in response to the video clip posted on the page “947 Breakfast Xpress”.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Waterkloof Four “prison party” video emerges

“If anyone is to be blamed its our f****d up system.”

Convicted killers Frikkie du Preez and Christoff Becker were back in custody on Sunday after footage of them allegedly drinking alcohol and using a cellphone in jail emerged.

Michelle Roos agreed with Ling’s comment.

“Agreed Shai Ling! And [how] did they get the alcohol. They didn’t run to the shop/bottlestore themselves???”

Another Facebooker said he could not see any alcohol in the video footage.

“As far as I can see on the video clip there is no alcohol being consumed the only alcohol is displayed on the TV screen ie. virtual alcohol all a storm in a teacup,” said Frik Ströh.

Another user, Shirley van Niekerk said the people who should be investigated or fired were the wardens.

Bekker, Du Preez, Gert van Schalkwyk, and Reinach Tiedt were released on parole on Tuesday after being jailed for beating a homeless man to death in Pretoria in 2001.

Correctional services department spokesman Manelisi Wolela said they were being held for allegedly smuggling alcohol and having a party inside the prison.

This came after a video of them was posted on YouTube showing Du Preez and Becker allegedly drinking and using a cellphone in a jail cell.

Wolela said the investigation would involve watching the video, interviewing the two parolees and speaking to those responsible for security on the day.

Pop music plays throughout the video. The cell is shown equipped with a sink, a table with a computer on it, and a pot plant with heart-shaped leaves. Becker takes photos of himself with a cellphone while posing topless in front of a mirror.

Throughout the video, which runs for just under four minutes, Becker constantly pulls on his shorts to expose more of his red-banded briefs.

He stands up to flex his muscles, does some dance moves and plays with his belly button, which is shown in an extended close-up.

At one stage, Du Preez, who appears to be seated on a toilet and drinking something out of a mug, doubles over with laughter and lifts his eyebrow and pouts.

A photo on the computer screen shows a bottle of J&B whisky and Johnny Walker Red Label, which one of the men says “Francois” gave them.

Others on Facebook felt differently about the video footage.

“They are stupid youngsters who are celebrating the fact that they got off lightly,” said Cherylyn Fairlie in her Facebook response.

“There is no remorse for what they did……..they killed a human being and now they are celebrities, because this video clip gave them instant fame.”

Maritsa Greeff said she was not sure why people were complaining about the cellphones.

“From this video clip, I can see a PC and kettle and more things. Some people out there don’t even have this at home!! So glad my tax money is being used to treat prisoners to have a life of much comfort while they are supposed to be punished.”


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