‘We are not evil’ – Biker

FILE PICTURE: Members of the SAPS and JMPD attend to a crime scene where a biker was shot dead in an apparent road rage incident, 14 February 2014, in Kya Sands, on Malibongwe Drive. Allegedly the biker and a motorist faced off, with both men armed and discharging their guns. The motorist was also shot and is in a critical condition in hospital. Picture: Michel Bega

There is nothing evil about motorcyclists, a biker said outside the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

UPDATE: Joburg road rage accused granted bail

“We are people too, and not evil as we are made [out] to be. This is a sad day for bikers in the country,” said motorcycle insurer Trudie Carr.

She was among a number of people at court to attend the appearance of a motorist accused of killing biker Douglas Pierce in Johannesburg last week.

Carr said she insured Pierce’s motorcycle and they were friends.

The 39-year-old Pierce was shot dead in an apparent road rage confrontation along Malibongwe Drive on Friday.

The two allegedly got into an argument, pulled off the road and continued their confrontation during which the motorist was injured and the biker shot dead.

The alleged killer, who is in his forties, was arrested on Friday and is expected to appear in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court to face a charge of murder.

Police said the firearms recovered from both men were sent for ballistic testing.

The motorist was treated for head injuries in hospital under police guard.

Several bikers arrived at the court on Monday.

– Sapa

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