Austil Mathebula
2 minute read
16 Sep 2016
1:48 pm

AngloGold, Pityana ‘triggering’ revolt against Zuma

Austil Mathebula

Manyi says AngloGold has caused a 'deliberate economic distress'.

File picture: Sipho Pityana. Picture: Michel Bega.

The Decolonisation Foundation, run by senior ANC member Mzwanele Manyi, says AngloGold Ashanti Limited is trying to cause a revolt against President Jacob Zuma.

This after senior ANC member and chairman of AngloGold Ashanti Sipho Pityana made several calls for Zuma to resign as leader of the ANC and also as a president of the country.

In reply, Pityana was dismissive. “You don’t get a more enthusiastic display of ignorance than Jimmy Manyi,” he told The Citizen.

On Thursday, Pityana called on South African business leaders to boycott international tours with government officials to promote investment in the country and to demand the president resign. In a separate interview, Pityana said Zuma was to blame for the decision by credit ratings agency Moody’s to place several state-owned enterprises on review. This was not the first time Pityana called for the president to resign. He lashed out at Zuma, saying: “The president of our country takes every opportunity to show disdain and contempt for our constitution”.

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Manyi penned a letter accusing Pityana of double-standards dated September 13. He says AngloGold, with Pityana at its helm, has caused a “deliberate economic distress” by creating an impression that government is failing to provide services, while the gold digging company is the “culprit” for allegedly failing to comply with its mining license conditions.

His foundation says it plans to lay a formal complaint with “competent authorities” and with Minister of Mineral Resources Msebenzi Zwane.

“Please note that we have noted with concern the destruction and possible precipitation of regime change tactics that AngloGold Ashanti Limited is triggering by encouraging people to rise against the Honourable President of the Republic of South Africa.

“We are of the view that as a chairman of a mining company, you need to recognise the deliberate economic distress that your company is causing by creating a false impression that the government is failing to provide services, when AngloGold Ashanti Limited  is the main culprit in failing to comply with its own license conditions.

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“Noting that you have written a inflammatory letter to the Black Business Council basically attacking the president and his leadership accusing them among others of brinkmanship, whereas your company AngloGold Ashanti Limited has an obligation to be seen to be a good corporate citizen and to be promoting good governance and the rule of law.

“We are of the view that it is unacceptable for your company to promote anarchy and planting the seeds of regime change.”