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16 Sep 2016
12:22 pm

Wedding ring found under Ballito restaurant’s deck – five years later!

Allan Troskie/More Love Mafu

A woman was shocked to hear that a part of her designer three-piece wedding ring set had been found.

In an lucky twist of fate, a lost wedding ring was discovered during renovations at Mo-Zam-Bik in Ballito and returned to its delighted owner, North Coast Courier reports.

More than five years ago Mariska van Loggerenberg – a former resident of Ballito now living in Johannesburg – was enjoying an evening out at Mo-Zam-Bik restaurant when two pieces of her designer wedding ring slipped off her finger and disappeared between the deck planks.

The missing pieces comprised an 18-carat white gold band and an accompanying diamond ring worth more than R45 000.

Despite hours of searching – the owner even took up a few floorboards – she was unable to find it again and sadly gave it up for lost.

“I cried for days after losing it,” she said.

Brett Michielim of Mozambik and the team from North Coast Sun Decks who found the misseing wedding ring beneath the wooden deck of Mo-Zam-Bik.

Brett Michielim of Mozambik and the team from North Coast Sun Decks who found the missing wedding ring beneath the wooden deck of Mo-Zam-Bik.

It was not only the loss of an expensive piece of jewellery that crushed her but the disappearance of something with so much sentimental value. She has since worn a replica of the original.

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Now, half a decade later and separated by more than 600km, a part of her ring has made it back to her.

While redoing Mo-Zam-Bik’s deck earlier this week, one of the white gold segments of her ring came to light. Remembering that years ago a women had lost her wedding band there, restaurant owner Brett Michielim reached out via the Dolphin Coast Neighbour’s group on Facebook – appealing for anyone who knew the identity of the owner of the long-lost ring.

Within 10 minutes of posting his appeal, he received a response.

“I was absolutely speechless,” Van Loggerenberg told The Courier when she received a call from a friend in Ballito, who had seen Michielim’s post, “I couldn’t believe it!”

This incredible tale has since earned her some minor celebrity status, with newspapers from across the country eager to share her story.

The Citizen managed to speak to Mariska, who said: “I’m so happy we found a piece of the ring, it’s amazing. We went to Mo-Zam-Bik to celebrate this event, though our anniversary was in April, marking 12 years of our marriage.”

“The renovations are still ongoing, and hopefully they find the remainder of the band, but l’m pleased with this, as l was not hoping to find it anymore. Probably someone might have picked up the other piece and did not notify the restaurant, but l’m pleased with what l have now,” she stated.

The ring was made up of three segments, and only one has surfaced to so far, but even so Van Loggerenberg said that she was hopeful the rest of her ring would be found – given that she never expected to see any part of it again.

Michielim has since offered a R2 000 reward for the recovery of the centre segment with the diamond.

She expressed her heartfelt thanks to Michielim and his team for the extraordinary lengths they went to returning her ring to her. “Brett really has gone the extra mile!”

Watch Van Loggerenberg speak about the experience:

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