Sugan Naidoo/More Love Mafu
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16 Sep 2016
1:56 pm

Child, 10, leaves suicide note, goes missing

Sugan Naidoo/More Love Mafu

The massive search was called off at about 11pm.

Residents in Albersville, KwaZulu-Natal, together with police officers and security guards from Lazer 911, rallied on late on Thursday in an attempt to find a child who went missing from Gannet Grove, South Coast Herald reports.

The 10-year-old girl went missing at about 4pm after apparently leaving a suicide note.

Lazer 911 Security responded to the distress call on the SOS group, issued by Gannet Grove resident Sew Ghingai.

The massive search was called off at about 11pm, at which time there was no sign of the missing child.

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But dedicated Lazer 911 reaction officer Frank Lottering returned to the scene and continued the search alone until he found the girl in the bushes about 100 metres from her house.

Lottering told The Citizen: “It is alleged that before the child ran away, the nanny had shouted at her and hence left the note and disappeared, and therefore, when l tried to return her home, she screamed and refused to go home until her mother was back from the police.”

A case will be investigated by Port Shepstone police.

– Caxton News Service