Kyle Cowan and Mzilikazi wa Afrika
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12 Sep 2016
4:51 pm

Unizulu probes sex scandal

Kyle Cowan and Mzilikazi wa Afrika

Former lecturer: 'I was shocked when some of the students offered me sex for better grades.’

The University of Zululand has launched an investigation into claims that students are having sex with lecturers in exchange for better marks, Zululand Observer reports.

University spokesperson Gcinekile Nhleko on Saturday confirmed the probe. She said the allegations were “devastating”, as they “compromised the reputation of the university”.

Sources identified at least one senior lecturer involved, and he was confronted with photos of himself in compromising positions with two young women believed to be students.

University of Zululand

University of Zululand

The lecturer, whose identity is known to the Zululand Observer, oversees masters and honours students.

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On Friday he threatened to sue if the photos he allegedly circulated to his colleagues were published.

It has been stated that one lecturer lodged a complaint against him with the university registrar after he allegedly overheard him “bragging” about his sexual encounters.

“I don’t want to talk to you. Please leave me alone,” the lecturer said when contacted for comment.

He denied he was having sex with students but refused to answer further questions when sent the photographs of him with the girls.

Four lecturers, a student and a former lecturer all claimed they had seen the photos and that other lecturers were also sleeping with students.

– Caxton News Service