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8 Sep 2016
3:12 pm

Bogus labour inspectors worry department


Farmers in the Free State had fallen prey to the unscrupulous inspectors.

Minister of Police Nkosinathi Nhleko (left) and Minister of Labour Mildred Oliphant.

The Department of Labour has on Thursday alerted employers about an increasing number of bogus labour inspectors tricking unsuspecting employers into paying false fines.

Farmers in the Free State had fallen prey to the unscrupulous inspectors.

“As part of their modus operandi, these villains seem to be targeting farmers and the farming community due to reasons only known to them. In all cases reported, the targets were farmers. These bogus inspectors visit workplaces to conduct illegal inspections and thereafter issue employers with illegitimate inspection reports and contravention notices,” the department said in a statement.

“Unsuspecting employers are coerced and intimidated by these deceitful individuals into believing that they were to face the music and the full might of the law if they do not accede to their demands.”

Employers were advised to call the department to verify an inspector’s details should they suspect foul play.

“We would also like to warn employers that the only way to avert lawful punitive measures being instituted against them for non-compliance is nothing but to fully comply with all labour laws. If there are unbecoming findings made by the labour inspectors post the inspection, just ask as to how to comply and do just that,” said Amanda Mantutle, chief inspector in the Free State.

Employers should not agree to deposit monies into personal bank accounts of anyone, whether a legitimate or bogus labour official, she added.

– African News Agency (ANA)