Virginia Keppler
1 minute read
8 Sep 2016
1:14 pm

Msimanga lays charges against previous Tshwane councillors

Virginia Keppler

Charges of corruption, fraud and misuse of public money were laid against three high-ranking officials of the previous administration.

Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga speaks to the media, 26 August 2016, at an event where he introduced his mayoral council, at the council chambers in Pretoria. Picture: Michel Bega

Tshwane Executive Mayor Solly Msimanga laid the first charges of corruption against senior officials of the previous Tshwane administration at the Brooklyn Police Station and are based on two forensic reports in his possession.

The reports compiled by external audit companies detail corruption, fraud and a misuse of public money in two projects of the City’s previous leadership: City Hall and the Mayoral Residence. The charges stem from R90m expenditure in the City Hall project and over-expenditure in the Mayoral Residence projects that must be criminally pursued.

“I’ve laid charges of corruption because I promised the people of Tshwane to cut out corruption and to pursue those who previously led a corrupt administration,” Msimanga said in a statement.

The R90 million includes over-expenditure on opulent upgrades for the previous Mayor’s Office at the city hall, which damaged the historic building, left it unsuitable for use, and whose upgrades do not justify the enormous price tag, he said.

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The charges were laid against three high-ranking officials of the previous administration, and three entities of local government, who can only be named after being formally charged by the SAPS.

According to the statement, the three officials no longer hold “their high office” in the City of Tshwane, where one was a most senior official in the former mayor’s private office and another a senior procurement official.

“This is just the first set of corruption charges to be laid. There is a web of corruption that I am uncovering, and there will be more charges against more officials and former leaders to come. I am determined to cut out corruption in Tshwane decisively,” Msimanga said.