South Africa 6.9.2016 08:55 am

Criminals target domestic workers, warn police

Domestic worker.

Domestic worker.

Criminals are trying to trick domestic workers to get into local residents’ houses.

The Durban North police have issued  a warning to employers as criminals have begun targeting domestic workers in the area, Northglen News reports.Cleaning matrials

Several incidents have been reported in the past few weeks in which criminals attempt to gain access to homes pretending to be water meter readers or possible home buyers.

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“There have been quite a few cases where criminals try to trick domestic workers to get into the house. We’ve even had cases where criminals pretend to be delivering medication or mail. They can be very convincing by knowing the names of the house owners through information they have lifted. I’m urging employers to tell their workers not to let anyone in no matter what they say,” he said.

He urged employers to leave emergency numbers or portable panic buttons with domestics to serve as a warning.

– Caxton News Service

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