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2 Sep 2016
1:11 pm

Mahikeng EFF female councillors strip in defiance of dress code

Citizen Reporter

In protest against orders to don formal clothing and not red EFF regalia, the women stripped down to their underwear at the Mahikeng council chambers.

FILE PICTURE: EFF MP's outside opening of Parliament dressed in red overalls, hard hats & cleaners in red dust coats with aprons, and brightly coloured headscarves. Image courtesy: EFF twitter account.

Representatives of the EFF were not allowed to attend or engage in any council activities after they failed to adhere to the speaker Pontsho Tabane’s instructions.

They could be seen outside the chambers, where they lurked and staged a protest. According to The Sowetan, council rules also require that councillors not wear canvas shoes, political party-promoting attire, hats and caps, and that their hair must always be combed.

‘Some of our female members were manhandled and touched on their breasts.’

After security guards blocked the entrance to the chambers, some woman councilors took their clothes off.

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“They cannot come and impose English laws on us. They could not even define the formal dress code. We felt that they will accept us if we wear our natural selves, which is our best suits,” she said.

EFF regional secretary Neo Moroeng said the council would have to allow them to wear their regalia or they would take the matter to court.

“We are opening a case of harassment and assault with the police. Some of our female members were manhandled and touched on their breasts,” said Moroeng.

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Tabane said the EFF were well aware of the rules and they would not be accommodated unless they adhered to the rules.