Reduce electricity usage – Eskom

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

Power utility Eskom on Thursday called on people to reduce electricity usage as supply was tight.

“The power system will remain tight until new generating capacity comes on stream and essential generation maintenance is done,” it said in a statement.

The capacity available to meet peak demand on Thursday is 32,600 megawatts, while demand is forecast at 31,402 MW. Unplanned outages are at 3800 MW.

Peak demand on Wednesday was at 31,272 MW and was met by available capacity of 32,346 MW.

Peak demand for the rest of the week is forecast at 30,401 MW on Friday, 28,728 MW on Saturday, 28,694 MW on Sunday, 31,346 MW on Monday, 31,299 MW on Tuesday and 31,359 MW on Wednesday.


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