Mashaba appoints professionals in Jo’burg executive

Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, with his newly-appointed members of the mayoral committee at Joburg Theatre on Friday.

Mashaba took over the administration of Africa’s economic hub on Monday after a marathon battle with former mayor, Parks Tau, whom he defeated with 19 votes.

Newly-elected Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba on Friday introduced the City’s members of the mayoral committee, a team whose representation is 50-50 for gender and 70-30 for race.

In a bid to “professionalise” the administration of the City, Mashaba said the team comprised both academics and activists who had dedicated their careers in public service.

Mashaba’s team is made up of five men and five women, who among them comprise seven black and three white members.

“This team is made up of doctors, a professor, and community development activists that have a deep love for Johannesburg, people who have a passion for development and people that want what’s best for our city,” Mashaba said.

For instance, Mashaba appointed development economists and Wits University professor of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, Dr Rabelani Dagada, as MMC for Finance.

“In public safety portfolio, I selected councillor [Michael] Sun, an admitted attorney who understands the law and is passionate about public safety and justice, and was also the MMC for Public Safety for the past five years. In health and social development, I’ve appointed a trained medical doctor with vast experience across the medical sector,” Mashaba said.

“In Environment and Infrastructure Service, I’ve appointed a former managing director of Johannesburg Water, someone who has consulted widely across utilities.”

Mashaba took over the administration of Africa’s economic hub on Monday after a marathon battle with former mayor Parks Tau, whom he defeated by 19 votes.

As he had promised when accepting his position on Monday, Mashaba reiterated his promise to create jobs in the city and deal with corruption.

He said though the members of his team did not have experience in any spheres of local government, he was confident that they would be up to the task.

Mashaba said not all his MMC team was made up of the DA members, as two of them were from the IFP.

Mashaba ended by saying his relationship with the City manager, Trevor Fowler, was good and professional, but they were still in discussions about his future.

Here is a list of the MMC:

1. Dr Rabelani Dagada – Finance
2. Dr Valencia Khumalo – Corporate Service
3. Anthony William Still – Environmentand Infrastructure Services
4. Michael Sun – Public Safety
5. Sharon Peetz – Economic Development
6. Richard Funzella Ngobeni – Development Planning
7. Mzobanzi Ntuli – Housing
8. Nonhlanhla Helen Makhuba – Transport
9. Dr Mpho Phalatsi – Health and Social Development

– African News Agency (ANA)

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