UPDATE: Andre Slade wants Concourt to help his girlfriend

Andrè Slade and his  girlfriend

Andrè Slade and his girlfriend

The ‘God’s law’ guesthouse owner says his partner refused to accept bail and they are petitioning the country’s top court for her rights to be respected.

The Citizen has spoken to Andre Slade, the owner of the ‘God’s law guest house’ saw his Slovakian partner taken in by police on Friday, reportedly for contravening the Immigration Act.

He said that his partner had refused bail and he would only be able to see her again on Wednesday. He said she would appear in court again on Thursday in Mbazwana.

The Zululand Observer reported on Monday that the foreign woman, Katarina Krizani, who appeared in videos earlier this year defending the racist policies of her partner, Slade, at their guest house was arrested last week under the Immigration Act.

Her bail application was scheduled for Monday, understood to be because her visa had expired.

Slade said he had made an urgent appeal to the Constitutional Court for Krizani’s rights to be respected.

Writing on his blog, Slade said that he saw Krizani “at about 7h00 in Mbazwana, a bit smelly by now as there is no water in Jail. Her spirit is very positive. She told me that a policeman was remarking about what an idiot I am. We get a lot of that these days. We spoke on the phone at 11h00 and I was able to inform her that the Constitutional Court has acknowledged receipt of the Urgent Appeal. Received a text from her that She is done. She said that She is not sure but it sounds as though. She will be at the Mbazwana Court on Thursday 25/8. If this is the case then Her persistence has paid off and She can be heard in a Tribal Court under Common Law. She refused Bail and has been taken back to Manguzi jail. I will only be able to see Her on Wednesday.”

Krizani appeared in court for the first time on Friday. Slade wrote that on Saturday he “baked Her some carrot rye muffins and packed some fruit. She will not touch the food from there. I arrived at the prison in Manguzi at around 11h00 but was not allowed to see her. They did, however, take the bag to her and I waited for the return of goods She did not need. That at least put my mind at rest.”

He had earlier wrote that “the ‘Zulu’ Judge had no patience and payed [sic] little attention to [Krizani]”.

He made headlines for refusing to accommodate black people at his guest house in Sodwana Bay. He told a large group of ANC supporters, media and other curious onlookers on June 29 that he wasn’t racist … but apparently God’s laws were.

Slade was facing the full brunt of public opprobrium amid threats to shut down his business and even audit his taxes. He insisted, however, that “black people were made to serve white people”. He said he was full of love, but the Bible’s laws about the mixing of races were clear to him.

After the story broke, Slade shut down the guesthouse. He was charged at the local police station by KwaZulu-Natal economic development MEC Sihle Zikalala, who wanted Slade to be evicted from the land‚ alleging he had obtained the property under false pretences and was operating without a licence.

Slade offered journalists a bizarre demonstration about the physiological differences among races. Krizani, who is understood to come from Slovakia, also tried to explain that the whole concept of race was only recently developed.

Her partner answered a question about him being sane with, “Yes, I’m an engineer.”

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