South Africa 22.8.2016 01:52 pm

Watch: Cellphone thief in Nelspruit caught in the act

A woman pretending to be a customer stole a phone belonging to a staff member.

A woman pretending to be a customer walked into the premises of shuttle service City Bug in Nelspruit on Friday afternoon and stole a phone belonging to a staff member. She was caught in the act by a CCTV camera, Lowvelder reports.

According to Divergent Ops owner Jacques Meiring, the woman went back to the store on Sunday afternoon with no knowledge of being captured on camera, giving staff time to call the police.

“We arrested her immediately, and she was handed over to the police,” added Meiring.

City Bug owner Jacques Esterhuyzen said their whole premises were under surveillance cameras operating constantly.

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The case is still being investigated.

The suspect is in custody and will appear in court tomorrow.

– Caxton News Service


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