Mashaba voted Joburg mayor

Mashaba gave his acceptance speech at 9:20pm. Live updates are now concluded

9:17 Herman Mashaba voted Johannesburg mayor. The audience ululates and cheers for the Black Like Me creator Mashaba.

9:15 Kevin Wax voted Joburg chief whip.

9:14 The IEC gives a declaration. The IEC says the results “reflect a free and fair electoral process”.

9:13 The next council meeting will be on the 13th for the “internal inductions”.

8:52 Councillors sing “Mandela uya bizwa” as they await the results.

8:48 Da Gama says they are waiting for two ballots which were not counted. He’s asking for more patience.

8:45 The DA is already celebrating Mashaba.

7:33 The voting process continues to run smoothly.

7:29 Voting has now started.

7:13 Reminder: Herman Mashaba has been nominated as DA mayoral candidate, and Parks Tau has be elected as ANC’s mayoral candidate.

7:11 Voting has not yet started. Party agents are busy fixing the ballot boxes.

7:06 The Chief Whip’s voting ballot will be yellow, says the presiding officer.

7:03 The presiding officer now asks for two ballot boxes so the voting can start.

6:57 Councillor Mogase accepts the nomination of chief whip.

6:57 “I don’t see why we can’t have two ballot papers cast at once,” says IFP councillor.

6:55 The AIC also offer its condolences and agrees that there be two ballots cast at once.

6:54 The DA also send heartfelt condolences to the ANC. They have no objection to the motion that party councillors cast both their ballots.

6:53 The EFF sent its heartfelt condolences to the ANC and the family of the deceased. The EFF said it agrees that they cast both ballots so thy call allow the ANC to be excused early.

6:50 The speaker says the council will have to continue with votes. But the ANC wants a postponement.

6:48 The ANC councillor who fainted during the Johannesburg mayoral election passed on Monday afternoon.

An announcement was made in the chambers. “She’s been one of use since the 80s. We ask that we postpone this because some of you are heartless here. We are doing it in her honour.” Read more here

6:33  There are officially unconfirmed reports that the ANC councillor who fainted during the Johannesburg mayoral election passed on Monday afternoon.

However, eNCA is reporting that she is receiving treatment and is not dead. SABC News had earlier reported that she was dead.

6:06 Da Gama wants to meet party leaders “outside”.

5:49 EFF councillors sing “aya saba a magwala [cowards are afraid]” as the ANC is given the break to attend to their ailing councillor.

5:47 The ANC is given a 10 minutes “caucus break” so they can attend to the ailing councillor.

5:46 One councillor suggests the the ailing ANC councillor should be allowed to vote first “so she cannot be inconvenienced”.

5:43 EFF councillor objects the call for an adjournment. He says some of them have not eaten and suffer from “some illnesses”.

5:41 An ANC member asks for the speaker’s “indulgence”, calling for an adjournment.

5:37 Da Gama addresses the chamber in SeSotho. He hands over to the IEC.

5:36 A Cope councellor seconds Mashaba’s nomination. Mashaba says “it’s a great honour to accept the nomination”.

5:35 Another councellor nominates Herman Mashaba, to the crowd cheering and others booing.

5:33 City of Joburg councillor seconds the nomination. Tau accepts the nominations. “I’m honoured to indicate that accept the nomination,” says Tau.

5:32 Parks Tau is being nominated. The audience boos, and others ululate.

5:32 The nominations of the mayor begins.

5:31 “If Johannesburg works, South Africa works,” says Da Gama.

5:30 He talks about the rights of children and women.

5:29 He says he’ll govern ethically and truthfully.

5:26 The proceedings resumes. Da Gama thanks the voters “for the confidence that you place in me”.

Meme time!

While the council is at lunch, here are some memes:

3:47 The proceeding resumes. Newly elected speaker Da Gama gives councillors a lunchtime.

3:29 DA councillor Vasco Da Gama voted Speaker of Johannesburg. The crowd is cheering.

3:28 Results are being announced.

3:26 There’s an irregularity, says the IEC. He says the “irregularity doesn’t imperil the material outcome of the elections”.

3:18 “We are changing Zuma’s government,” party councillors sing, ululate and dance as they eagerly await the election results.

3:17 They are singing “siyaya kwa nyamazana”. They opened a dance cycle.

3:15 Party coucillors sing as they await the results of Joburg speaker voting results.

3:04 Meanwhile, DA councillor Arnoldi du Plooy has been elected Speaker of Metsimaholo (Sasolburg) in the Free State.

2:52 The vote counting continues.

2:51 The presiding officer ruled that the counting continues, and he will not tolerate any further debate on the matter.

2:49 He says the IEC will determine, after the elections, it the process was fair. “I will not entertain the debate at the moment,” add the officer, who says the counting the counting to continue.

2:48 “I’ve heard the views on the matter … but that was for the IEC to determine, we are not going to discuss that,” says the presiding officer.

2:47 A councillor for the PA says the presiding officer has lost control of the meeting.

2:45 The DA refuses to go on a rerun, saying “what happened is democracy”. He says people have a right to show who they have voted for, as “this is their right”.

2:44 The presiding officer pleads with the councillors to give the AIC a chance to speak. The AIC insists for a rerun.

2:43 The AIC asks for the rerun on the elections.

2:30 The presiding officer suspends the proceedings amid EFF squabbles. The officer requests for a meeting with leaders of political parties.

2:28 EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu manhandled during the proceedings.

2:25 EFF councillors continue to disrupt the proceedings. Some of its members are in songs, singing that they don’t want President Jacob Zuma’s government.

2:17 After a long debate, the voting continues.

2:06 EFF members take into song. The quarrel continues.

2:04 “We cannot agree with that, it’s a personal choice.”

2:03 EFF councillor says “it’s a personal choice, and you can force people not to show their ballots”.

2:01 The IEC rules that the ballots need to be kept a secret, says the presiding officer. He calls on councillors to desist from doing it.

1:59 The presiding officer says there seems to be disagreements about how secret ballots are cast. He says there’s been a problem raised by party agents. The complaint is that some exposed their ballots.

1:52 They are discussing “the legality” of disclosing your ballot papers after voting.

1:48 The war of words continue among party agents and judges. EFF deputy president is among the disgruntled agents.

1:45 The party are still arguing over the voting process.

1:40 The party agents are caucusing. They seem concerned about the voting process.

1:29 Now voting continues.

1:27 “Councillors need to ensure that their ballots are secret, as required by the legislation,” said the presiding officer after some councillors showed their ballot papers.

1:23 Voting continues smoothly. With some ululations there and there.

1:21 Order is now restored in the chamber. The voting continues.

1:17 “We cannot proceed with this noise,” says the presiding officer.

1:14 The presiding officer calls for order. He says the councillors need to hear their names when they are called.

1:12 Parks Tau is being booed as he takes to the stage.

1:11 The audience cheer and boo as some councillors are called to the stage.

1:10 The concillors are now voting. DA and EFF councillors have now cast their votes.

1:08 The secretary now reads the voting roll.

1:06 All doors will be locked, and “no councillor may leave the chamber until the vote is concluded”.

1:06 The presiding officer now calls for “order in the gallery”.

1:02 The EFF, ANC and DA continue to collide with different songs in the council house. Some sing “iyo Solomon”, other sing “Ibambeni we-bafana”.

12:53 All ballot boxes will be sealed after the councillors have voted, and the counting will be done on stage.

12:52 The voting will be conducted buy the IEC, says the presiding officer.

12:50 “The ballots for the speaker will be white, for the executive will be blue, for the chief whip will be yellow,” says the presiding officer.

12:49 The presiding officer is still calling for order. “Oder!,” he shouts. “If you don’t keep quiet, you will not hear what’s going on.”

12:47 The council proceedings resume. The presiding officer calls on councillors to take their seats.

12:44 The councillors sings “Iyo Solomon”, a song that’s sang in commemoration of hanged freedom fighter Solomon Mahlangu.

12:37 The council is on a break, and EFF and DA members are up in songs.

12:25 “Each ballot that will be cast will be done in secrecy,” says the presiding officer.

12:24 Nominations are now closed.

12:23 Da Gama accepts the nomination.

12:23 Franco de Lange senconds the nomination of Vasco Da Gama is speaker of Johannesburg.

12:22 Cavin Wax naminates Vasco Dagama as speaker of the council, and DA member uncontolably chants “DA! DA! DA!”

12:21 Salfina Mulaudzi “second” Bapela’s nomination. Bapela accepts the nomination.

12:20 Constance Botle Bapela is being nominated, and the crowd boos.

12:17 The officer has to call for the nomination of the speaker, says the judge.

12:14 Now is the time for the election of the speaker of the council. The speaker must be selected among the sworn in councillors.

12:14 Now the council moves to item number 5.

12:12 All councillors have been sworn in now. The Judge thanks all the councillors to agreeing top the terms of the oath. The EFF sings a Malema song.

12:10 The councillors have no objection to the oath and they are now signing their certificates. Loud cheers from the audience.

12:00 They house is quiet. The proceeding continue without noise. The secretary now calls another group of 20 councillors.

11:59 EFF members sing “Dumela” and the presiding officer’s voice is swallowed by the song and the ululations. The presiding officer pleads with council members to stop with the song as “this is a legal proceeding”.

11:51 The 11th groups takes to the stage. DA members chant “Viva DA, Viva DA”. They are now singing and the presiding officer calls for order. They continue to chant and sing. “I’m not done yet … you are singing,” says the presiding officer.

11:46 Now the ninth group of councillors are reading the oath. Their voices are so low, the presiding officers asks them to read the last part of the oath that say: “so help me God”. They now sign the oath without objections.

11:44 Without any objections, the councillors sign their oaths. The secretary now called for the tenth group to take to the stage.

11:40 The councillors sign the oath without any objections. Now the presiding officer calls for the ninth group of 20 councillors.

11:35 The eighth group takes to the stage. As usual, the EFF cheers when its members are called to the stage.

11:34 The councillors are now reading the oath. They have no objections to the oath. They now sign their certificates.

11:31 The seventh group takes to the stage. The EFF cheers as its candidates ascend to the stage.

11:27 The councillors sign their citificates without a squabble. Now the secretary calls for the sixth group of councillors. The judge requests that they raise their voices when reading the oath.

11:23 The secretary now calls in the fourth group of councillors to be sworn in.

11:17 Now the councillors are signing their certificates.

11:13 The secretary calls the third group of 20 councillors to be sworn in.

11:12 Now the councellors are signing their citificates. The crowd shouts as the councillors sign their oath. The judge calles for order.

11:10 The council “notes” EFF councillor’s opinion and continues with signing of the oath.

11:09 He says the presiding officer is “playing part in to protecting a criminal”.

11:06 The EFF councillor refuses to back down. He says corruption is a serious matter. He refuses to be sworn in with Bovu, who he calls “a wanted criminal who must be handed over to the police”.

11:03 The judge says the “power of arrest” is not within his jurisdiction as a presiding officer. He emphasises the “doctrine of being innocent until proven guilty”.

11:01 Another EFF councillor says they will not allow the proceeding to continue if the “wanted criminal” Bavu is still in the house. EFF crowd cheers. The judge calles for order.

10:58 “We appreciate your opinion, but I will appeal to you to allow the proceedings to continue,” says the judge.

10:56 Another EFF councillor says Bovu “is a wanted criminal”. “Call on law enforcement officers to arrested.

10:55 The Judge says ‘the constitution is clear on the matter”, that “everyone is innocent until proven guilty”.

10:53 An EFF councillor raises a case against Dan Bovu. He says they have opened a case against Bovu at the Edwarado Park police station and Brixton police station. Read full story here

10:50 The secretary now calls the second group on twenty councillors.

10:47 None of the council members confirm to the judge that they have to objection. The crowd continues to boo Tau. The councillors sign their oaths.

10:46 The first group of council members read their oath.

10:41 The crowd cheer and others boo as Parks Tau’s name is mentioned. The secretary of the council calls for order.

10:40 Mlambo now calls the first 20 councillors to come and do their affirmation.

10:39 “To ensure that the councillors take their oath in his presence and sign the certificates”. He says councillors will be called in the group of 20 to sign their certificates.

10:36 He now reads the rules of the process. He says his role is to “ensure that the rules are complied with”.

10:36 Judge Mlambo now swears in the councillors.

10:35 Judge Dunstin Mlambo takes over the proceedings.

10:28 This is for the first time no single party won an outright majority since the dawn of democracy.

On Sunday, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) issued a statement to say that an outgoing Gauteng member of the mayoral committee (MMC), Dan Bovu, had been attempting to bribe some of its members.

The EFF alleged that Bovu tried to bribe its councillors to the tune of R500 000 so they would vote for the ANC during the election of the Johannesburg City Council on Monday.

However, when contacted by The Citizen shortly after the allegations broke, Bovu denied ever meeting with any EFF councillor.

“I was away this weekend with my family and I never met with anyone from the EFF. Where will I even get so much money to bribe people … I don’t do bribes,” Bovu said.

He was unaware of any criminal case being opened against him.

There have been numerous reports of the ANC’s numerous last-ditch efforts to try to prevent Johannesburg getting a DA mayor on Monday, but this is the first allegation that it may have gone as far as bribery attempts. Read full story here


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