Holomisa uses war talk for Joburg council meeting

FILE PICTURE: UDM leader Bantu Holomisa. Picture: Alaister Russell.

FILE PICTURE: UDM leader Bantu Holomisa. Picture: Alaister Russell.

The UDM leader says that ‘coalition forces’ will be mopping up what’s left of the ANC in Joburg on Monday.

In what was clearly meant as tongue-in-cheek‪ use of military jargon, United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa declared on Facebook on Monday morning that “coalition forces” had cut off the African National Congress’s “logistic supplies” and that, after encircling the ANC in Johannesburg, there’d be a “mop-up exercise” by noon.

This is the kind of language usually reserved for when countries like the US and Britain invade Iraq.

Holomisa has been at the forefront of calls for coalition parties to work together to unseat the ANC, especially after his release of a list of joint demands to the ANC from council-seat-holding parties, which included the removal of President Jacob Zuma from power.

As for his reference to the ANC being encircled in Johannesburg, the all-important council seats of the Economic Freedom Fighters have been pledged to the DA despite the party’s dissatisfaction with DA mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba.

One of Holomisa’s Facebook followers responded to his post by telling him: “Enjoy it while it lasts … rest assured, Baba, ANC will rise again.”

On Sunday, Mayor Parks Tau said he was prepared to serve residents even if it meant from opposition benches. Addressing the media in Johannesburg on Sunday morning, Tau, the chairperson of the party in the region, acknowledged that he might no longer be the executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg come Monday.

Tau used the briefing to highlight the successes achieved under his leadership, and chief among those was service delivery in the form of electrification.

He lamented the fact that national issues had intruded upon the local municipal vote and potentially cost the ANC power in the city. He felt that issues of particularly transformation would take a knock if the ANC were to lose the city council.

“A lot of work has also been done to fight food insecurities through the purchasing of land for agricultural purposes. The city has also resolved a number of billing issues,” Tau said.

He said the achievements under his stewardship needed to be taken forward.



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