Committee to be briefed on SAPS’s ‘good work’

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The committee will also interrogate SAPS management on their handling of the pre-election violent protests.

The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) and the SA Police Service (SAPS) will this week brief the portfolio committee on police on recent high-profile cases and on the handling of violent protests and killings that occurred during the pre-election period.

The committee will tomorrow receive a briefing from the DPCI on their recent arrests. Chairperson of the committee Francois Beukman said the Hawks recently achieved good successes with the arrests of terrorism suspects in Gauteng and various individuals linked to rhino horn poaching, as well as to illegal firearm smugglers.

“The swift arrest of suspects involved in the Simon’s Town Naval Base arms cache break-in is an example of good police work that sets a good example for other police units,” said Beukman.

Beukman further said it was important for the committee to ensure that the DPCI had the necessary resources and skilled personnel to help in achieving their main task of fighting organised crime.

“We cannot have a situation where the fight against crime is hampered by a lack of equipment and technological capability.”

Tomorrow’s meeting will also focus on the status update of the filling of vacancies and training in the DPCI. On Wednesday, the committee will be interrogating the SAPS management on their handling of the pre-election violent protests.


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