‘Marikana nothing compared to what whites did to us’

RUSTENBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - AUGUST 16: People during the commemoration rally of the second anniversary of the Marikana massacre on August 16, 2014 in Rustenburg, South Africa. Thirty-four miners were killed by police on 16 August 2012 during a violent wage increase protest. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Waldo Swiegers)

Mazwai says when a brother messes up, one does not team up with his enemies to teach him a lesson.

The only thing the Economic Freedom Fighters gave to the Democratic Alliance is credibility. This was according to ANC supporter and poet Ntsiki Mazwai in a Twitter debate on whether the EFF should have backed the DA in Tshwane.

“For one…eff just empowered them…and they have free reign to influence the narrative now,” she tweeted, further saying what the country needed was a leader who grew up in money and among white people “but who is radically pan africanist”.

In a series of tweets and responses to her followers, Mazwai says that when a brother messes up, one does not team up with his enemies to teach him a lesson, referring to blacks who voted for DA “to teach the party a lesson”.

“I would never empower whites to spite blacks love…..I’m not that girl.”

Her followers disagreed, criticising the ANC’s lack of service delivery, corruption and the Marikana massacre, among other issues raised.

On service delivery, Mazwai says she does not understand why black people thought the DA would give better services.

“Guys…why do you think DA will provide better service delivery??? have you seen Cape Town ghettos???”

On corruption, she says corruption is not new to politics and that the DA is just using it to brainwash people, further urging fans not to follow blindly.

One user, however, asked her about the ruling party’s involvement in the Marikana massacre, saying the ANC turned into the enemy when those 34 miners were killed.

Mazwai responded, saying the Marikana was nothing compared to what white people did to blacks.

“Do you have ANY idea the 100s of thousands of blacks killed under white rule? the thousands killed in mines? You can’t compare 34 miners to 100s of thousands of lost black lives.”

Her followers still disagreed, saying it was more painful for the ruling party to inflict violence against its own, also saying Mazwai hated white people.

“How DEEP is it when EFF people say I have issues with white people??? Just think about it for a sec…how DEEP is that?”

Though she says she does not hate whites, Mazwai says she would never have backed the DA.

Read some of her tweets below

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