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13 Aug 2016
2:50 pm

There’s always another Steve Hofmeyr sponsor

Citizen reporter

The singer is in the Free State for his 'Ek Love Die Vrystaat' concerts. It seems the Free State is loving him right back.

Picture: Gallo Images

In 2014, controversial Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr’s legal representative told the Randburg Magistrates’ Court that Hofmeyr’s twar with ventriloquist Conrad Koch and his puppet Chester Missing had cost him R5 million, mainly due to Pick n Pay and Land Rover withdrawing their sponsorships of the Afrikaans is Groot concerts.

This happened during the fallout over Hofmeyr tweeting that black people had themselves to blame for being subjected to discrimination by the white government of the past and were therefore the real “architects of apartheid”.

That sentiment caused uproar in South Africa, though his fans continued to defend him. Hofmeyr never retracted the comment and earlier this year went on to tell an audience in the Netherlands that he still considered the freedom struggle waged by the ANC and other liberation movements terrorism.

His legal representative, Dan Roodt, blamed the 2014 withdrawal of sponsors on what he called defamatory tweets sent out by Koch and his puppet. Hofmeyr obtained an interim protection order to prevent Koch from interacting with him, but he ultimately lost that case, at the end of which Roodt actually “assaulted” the puppet.

The top-selling singer and Afrikaner-rights activist doesn’t appear to have suffered too much long-term damage from the affair, however, and corporate South Africa, at least in Bloemfontein, appears to still have an appetite to be associated with him.

On Thursday, he tweeted photographs of himself with a new, apparently sponsored Astra from an Imperial dealership in Bloemfontein.

He said the car had more “clever stuff” than his own car and he encouraged his followers to phone these “manne” for their bakkies. He said he would do exactly that himself.

The car may not be a Land Rover, but it’s new and even has GPS. Hofmeyr is in the Free State for his “Ek Love Die Vrystaat” (I Love the Free State) concerts. It seems the Free State is loving him right back.

Hofmeyr has consistently and resolutely rejected the label “racist” and this week tweeted a list of rather diverse people, organisations and companies that were also called racist in the past.