‘Prophet’ uses heavy speakers to ‘serve as God’s hands’

A speaker is placed on the woman's abdomen. Picture: Lethebo Rabalago on Facebook

A Limpopo ‘prophet’ has created a stir on social media after he placed a speaker on a church-goer’s abdomen ‘for God to solve her problems’.

The “prophet”, Lethebo Rabalago, who appears to be part of the Mount Zion General Assembly, posted two images of the act on his Facebook page on August 8 in Lepelle-Nkumpi in Limpopo province, with the caption: “I pray for the hand of God to come upon your problems.”

In one of the images, the prophet is leaning his weight on the speaker. He is holding a microphone, presumably addressing fellow church-goers, and one man can be seen in the photo smiling at the demonstration.

The pastor is pictured leaning his weight on the speaker which is placed on the woman's abdomen. Picture: Lethebo Rabalago on Facebook

The prophet is pictured leaning his weight on the speaker which is placed on the woman’s abdomen. Picture: Lethebo Rabalago on Facebook

The Facebook post has been shared 87 times on Rabalago’s Facebook page, with 155 reactions, which are mainly ‘likes’, some ‘love’ and ‘wow’ reactions. There are both positive and negative reactions in the 77 comments on the post, with one questioning whether this was witchcraft, and others expressing concern for the young woman and their shock at the post, with Saddam Chuma commenting, “Shock the world more n more Man of God.”

Rabalago is just one of many prophets who have used bizarre methods to “demonstrate the power of God” to their congregants.

Here are a few demonstrations that have left the world in shock.

1. Pastor kisses women congregants’ buttocks

Churches encourage congregants to get married for many reasons and one of them “is fleeing temptations”. “If you cannot control yourself from sexual temptations, it’s better to get married”. But, what happens if a pastor has a number of unmarried women and would like to see them married?

According to a report, to attract marriage, the pastor takes his female congregants to a beach, orders them to strip naked and kisses their behinds.

2. Pastor bans women congregants from wearing underwear

In the same light as pastors ordering female congregants to strip naked, a pastor in Kenya made headlines for banning his female congregants from wearing underwear to church, telling them to avoid wearing the garments “in order to be closer to God”.

The pastor, described only as the Reverent Njohi, reportedly asked his female congregants at the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Dandora to arrive at Sunday’s service without panties or bras. According to the pastor, undergarments are “ungodly” and people need to “be free in body and spirit to receive Christ”. But then, we wonder why only women were ordered to do so.

3. Pastor makes congregation drink petrol, eat grass, flowers and fire.

Pretoria pastor Lesego Daniel made his congregation drink petrol. The petrol was apparently turned into pineapple juice. The reason for drinking petrol was to “take their faith to another level to connect to God”.


This same pastor made his congregation eat grass.

Congregants eating grass. Picture: Facebook

Congregants eating grass. Picture: Facebook















And then it was flowers


Picture: Facebook













And then fire which was “turned into ice”

Congregant eating fire. Picture: Facebook

Congregant eating fire. Picture: Facebook


















Pastor Lesego said: “If I say, the fire is ice, the fire listens to me, [and] what will come out will be ice. The fire must obey and listen.”

He said this to the congregants during his weekly Tuesday service at Rabboni Centre Ministries. The woman in the picture apparently confirmed that a flaming match stick indeed felt like ice after it was put in her mouth.

According to the post, she did not sustain any injuries after the flaming match stick was put in her mouth.

4. Pastor makes congregation eat snakes.

Recent reports have it that Penuel Mnguni, 24, the leader of End Times Disciples Ministries church in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, allegedly declared a snake a bar of chocolate (Chomp) for the congregation to eat.


Picture: Facebook



















The pastor told the congregation the he had “the authority to change everything into anything and it will obey because of our authority”.

And again, the same pastor “turned a congregant into a horse”, so he rode on his back.


Congregant behaves like a horse. Picture: Facebook

Congregant behaves like a horse. Picture: Facebook



















These are the “miracles” that have been demonstrated in churches. Do you know of any other “miracles” we left out? Let us know in the comments below.

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