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Woman flees moving ‘Uber’ after being strangled

Uber. Photo: Alistair Russel

Uber. Photo: Alistair Russel

Halfway home, she did not see the person hiding in the back, who then attempted to throw something around her neck and strangle her.

Jared J Vonda Milsom took to Facebook on the morning of 6 August to alert women to the dangers of catching Uber vehicles alone.

“… All ladies to please be extremely cautious when ordering Uber home late at night, they [criminals] are going for women as an ‘easy’ target. Be exceptionally attentive at all times,” his Facebook status read.

Milsom wrote that he was at the Fourways Life Hospital ER where his mother was being treated for numerous injuries, including a severely sprained ankle and a swollen face.

Milsom said his mother’s ordeal started when she ordered an Uber after a night out. “[She] got in the front seat of what was [thought] to be her Uber as normal; [she was] greeted nicely as always by the driver and then proceeded to navigate [the driver to her] home. Halfway home, she did not see the [person] hiding in the back, who then attempted to throw something around her neck and strangle her.”

Milsom said his mother threw herself from the front seat of the moving vehicle and had to walk a few extra kilometres back to her estate, where she was able to call her son.

“The sight of your mom in this state along with the words “Jay I’m so lucky to be alive, I love you so so so so much my boy” will stay with me forever,” Milsom wrote.

Milsom urged women to be exceptionally attentive at all times. “Fellas if you happen to be with a lady and she is getting an Uber, be the gentleman your mother raised you to be and make sure everything is safe for her.”

– Caxton News Service

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