Zero for hygiene forces Steers to close Pretoria branch

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Popular fast food franchise Steers was forced to close down an outlet in Pretoria after health inspectors gave it a score of zero for hygiene and public safety.

So serious did Famous Brand Management and Steers take the threat to public health that they not only cancelled the franchise agreement, but also obtained an interdict to stop the business from being associated with Steers.

North Gauteng High Court Judge Ephraim Makgoba interdicted Armada Trading, which operated the Steers franchise in Burnette Street in Hatfield for more than a decade, from carrying on business under the name Steers or passing off the business as a Steers franchise.

Armada was also interdicted from using the licensed Steers recipes, menus, trade secrets, logos, business system or trademarks and from in any way associating itself with the Steers franchise.

Famous Brands operational manager Gillian Collins said in court papers the situation had become so bad at the outlet that it received a zero evaluation in May. Photos taken at the outlet showed it operated in extremely unsanitary circumstances.

Some of the stomach churning conditions at the branch:

Cooking oil that was still being used despite becoming black and toxic;
A very dirty chip fryer;
Floor mops used to mop the floors and bathrooms being stored in the sink used to wash crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils;
Dried blood and meat remains on the scale being used to weigh patties;
An extremely dirty dustbin and an insect nest in the area where food was prepared;
Expired bread buns still being sold to the public;
Oil on the floor that hadn’t been cleaned;
A old milkshake splatter above the milkshake machine;
and a raw chicken breast left at room temperature.
Collins said the owner appeared to have lost interest in the business, didn’t evenadhere to minimum standardsand could no longer be allowed
to trade as a Steers.


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