WATCH: DA man ‘assaults’ 73-year-old

Screenshot of the incident.

Screenshot of the incident.

The senior citizen says he was challenging ‘corruption’ in the DA.

The DA appears to have been rocked by another controversy in the build-up to local government elections, which kicked off with special votes today and will conclude on Wednesday.

A video has emerged of a man wearing a DA T-shirt assaulting a 73-year-old man at Elsies River in Cape Town. Community activist Danny Brown was allegedly manhandled out of the Elsies River Civic Centre after he tried to ask questions related to corruption in the DA.

Facebook user Imraahn Mukaddam posted a video on Facebook of the altercation and the apparent assault of the old man. A man wearing what appears to be a DA T-shirt pushed and assaulted Brown who was complaining about the alleged corruption.

“Veteran community activist from Elsies River was physically removed from a public meeting at Elsies River Civic Center when he wanted to confront the mayor about the poor choice of candidates for wards in Elsies River. Both candidates for ward 26 and ward 28 has [sic] been in the news recently for theft whilst working for the City of Cape Town. Mr Danny Brown is an elder in our community but was physically dragged out of the meeting and when he tried to bring it to the attention of Sub Council Chairperson Clive Justice he was further abused and assaulted,” wrote Mukaddam.

Speaking to The Citizen, Brown confirmed the incident, saying it all started when he tried to ask a question relating to malfeasance allegedly committed by the DA.

“I went to the meeting at around 1pm. They told me I wasn’t welcome. After the mayor had spoken, people from the DA said we could only ask four questions. I raised my hand and four DA guys threw me out of the hall,” said Brown.

“I stood outside that hall.”

He further alleges that DA candidate Belinda Walker stole money from NGOs.

The DA’s national spokesperson, Phumzile van Damme, acknowledged the incident was known, but refused to comment, saying the area of the country was outside her jurisdiction; she referred the matter to the DA’s Western Cape spokesperson, who who wasn’t readily available for comment.


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