VIDEO: Pothole swallows large python

PHOTO: YouTube.

PHOTO: YouTube.

The python took nearly a minute to fully slither into the pothole in the middle of the road.

The huge snake was captured on a video posted on Lowvelder. It is seen making its way across a bridge in the Kruger National Park and disappearing into a pothole.

Video courtesy of  Pieter Loock.

Although Mpumalanga’s Lowveld, like many other parts of the country, experienced a cold spell last week, pythons were unusually active in the past few weeks, Lowvelder reported.

Snake catcher Barend Bloem was called out three times in six days to capture African pythons encountered in people’s yards. Bloem captured his 240th snake for 2016 when he was called out to catch a 3.8m python on a farm near Nelspruit Airfield last week Tuesday.

“The drizzle and warmer afternoons might have urged the snakes to sneak out of hiding for a bit of sun,” he said.

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