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24 Jul 2016
6:20 pm

Update: KZN drive-by shooting linked to taxi violence

CNS Reporter

Three people were killed and one injured when a vehicle was shot at in an ongoing taxi turf war.

Picture: Ladysmith Gazette

Three people were killed in a drive-by shooting along Helpmekaar Road in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, on Sunday afternoon, the Ladysmith Gazette reports.

It is believed to be related to the ongoing taxi war between the Mabaso and Gamede clans.

There were four people in the vehicle that was shot at, and not two as previously thought.

Three of the occupants died in the shooting and one was injured. The person who was injured sustained gunshot wounds to the shoulder and was transported to hospital.

The weapons used in the attack were high-powered rifles. The shooting occurred just after the speed humps before the Ezakheni turn-off.

More than 15 rounds were fired, with shell casings lying all over the road. The vehicle veered off the road and went down an embankment.

Ladysmith police and Public Safety were on scene.

It was at first suspected that the violence might be related to the recent political killings in the province.

An ANC candidate was ambushed by an unknown gunman on Monday afternoon in the same area. Khanyisile Ngobese Sibisi was shot dead during a Mandela Day event in Ladysmith.

Sibisi, the ANC candidate in Ward 20, was travelling along the bottom end of Centenary Road in Ladysmith when an attacker opened fire on her with an assault rifle.

– Caxton News Service