Gopolang Chawane
1 minute read
24 Jul 2016
1:51 pm

Massive fire in Pretoria suburb of East Lynne

Gopolang Chawane

It took 33 firefighters this morning to extinguish the fire.

It took 33 firefighters to extinguish the fire in East Lynne, Pretoria. PHOTO: Rekord Moot.

No injuries were reported after a massive fire broke out at a business in East Lynne, in Pretoria, on Sunday morning, Rekord Moot reported.

Kilnerpark Security communications spokesperson Ancelize van der Kooi said a radio call reporting the fire came at about 5.45am, and a vehicle was sent out to investigate.

“At 6.15am we received a call from the dispatched vehicle confirming a large fire at A and A Timber Homes in Stormvoël Road,” Van der Kooi said.

The security officer on the scene said the fire was out of control.

“We alerted all emergency services and everyone responded to the fire,” Van der Kooi added.

She said the fire was under control and firefighters were still at the scene extinguishing the fire. “It took 33 firefighters to extinguish the fire.”

fire 3

Van der Kooi said the cause of the fire was still being investigated.

“A case was opened at the Villeria police station and police would investigate the cause of the fire,” she said.

“Thank you to the residents who assisted the emergency units to block roads and regulate traffic.”

– Caxton News Service