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24 Jul 2016
9:49 am

Someone won R87m Powerball – and may not know

Citizen reporter

It is the third-highest lottery win in SA history, and it still hasn't been claimed by the winner from Limpopo.

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South Africa was in a frenzy of buying Powerball tickets on Friday after the jackpot shot up to R87 million.

And somebody bought their winning ticket at 7pm shortly before the draw at a filling station in Mokopane, Limpopo. They have still not claimed their massive prize, either because they haven’t checked their numbers … or worst of all, lost the ticket.

Whoever it is, they’re now the third-biggest lottery winner in recent history – because nobody else picked the winning numbers, according to Ithuba spokesperson Zukiswa Nomnganga, who spoke to the Sunday Times.

Apparently, according to Nomnganga, the winner can receive free “trauma and emotional counselling” along with financial advice, should they need it.

Trauma? After becoming super wealthy. If that’s their version of trauma, then we wouldn’t like to know what the lottery administrator calls a death in the family, divorce or losing your job.

Apparently, all the experts can work with a big winner for days to prepare them for their sudden windfall. The biggest payout in SA lottery history was a man from Bloemfontein who won R100 million. He apparently nearly threw his ticket away after a scanner failed to read it twice. Luckily (very luckily) it informed him to go to the nearest Lotto office after the third scan.

According to an article in Daily Sun, a man made claims last week that he also won the lottery, only to lose his ticket. He then noticed that his neighbour was suddenly buying flashy new things, including a BMW, and throwing lavish parties. Read that story here.