WATCH: Zille tells off blogger for ‘hijacking’ meeting

WATCH: Zille tells off blogger for ‘hijacking’ meeting

Former Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille. File picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

‘You can’t hijack this meeting. Out, Mike, out!’

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille on Thursday, July 21, led a DA meeting in Knysna at the Knysna Angling and Dive Association, Knysna-Plett Herald reported.

Zille and Knysna DA mayoral candidate Eleanore Bouw-Spies were at the top table in front of about 200 people, campaigning and speaking on the DA’s plans for ways to govern if they win the upcoming local government elections.

All was calm and orderly, but when Zille opened the floor for questions and answers, the Love Knysna and Knysna Keep blogger, Mike Hampton, ‘disrupted’ the meeting.

Hampton was the first to be given the opportunity to speak from the floor. He questioned the Knysna DA’s performance and accused them of having double standards. When he said to DA mayoral candidate Eleanore Bouw-Spies: “You are a questionable lady,” Zille lost her temper and said to Hampton: “You can’t hijack this meeting.”

Security and DA supporters threatened to remove Hampton from the meeting when he would not let Zille finish responding to his allegations and questions.

The people attending the meeting started shouting: “Out, Mike, out!” until he calmed down.

Zille and Myers after the meeting listened to Hampton’s complaints.

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