Zuma ‘is blessing’ a 19-year-old

Zuma ‘is blessing’ a 19-year-old

The photos uploaded to Facebook that have got people talking.

Photos of a young woman being intimate with someone who looks a lot like the president have gone viral.

Note: Since this story was first published, it has been confirmed to News24 that the woman in the photo is his daughter and that the Facebook post was a fraud. The photos, however, are real.

President Jacob Zuma’s eldest son, Edward, said that it was his “sister” in the photo and there was nothing wrong about the way that the president and the young woman were kissing each other.

Note: Since the above clarification, there has been an additional development confirming that Edward may not have been entirely clear when using the word ‘sister’. The young woman is 17 and has reportedly come out to say that she and the president are just “friends”. Read the new update here.

The rest of the text of this article from Wednesday evening has remained unaltered.

A Facebook post by 19-year-old “Lindokuhle Dlamini” has social media abuzz because the young women in the photos apparently claims that a man with a more than passing resemblance to President Jacob Zuma is her blesser.

On Tuesday she reportedly posted a series of selfie pictures with someone who is either the president or his spitting image.

The Facebook account has since been deleted, leaving only a confused public in its wake.

Note: Since this post was first published, a Citizen reader named Thabo Tuzah Nkambule wrote on The Citizen’s Facebook page that he personally knows the woman in the photo and that she is Zuma’s daughter. He said he based this on having met them both during a charity event at which she spoke.

Zuma supporters have dismissed the images as fake, while people believing in their veracity have pointed to the fact that the president has never been a stranger to the allure of younger members of the opposite sex. During his rape trial in 2007, it emerged that he had slept with a younger woman wearing a kanga, even though the woman in question (who was never named) was HIV positive. He said he had a shower afterwards to prevent being infected, which has earned him much ridicule over the years.

He also fathered a baby with the daughter of one of his friends, Orlando Pirates chairman Irvin Khoza, which created a huge scandal. Zuma apologised for it in 2010.

However, according to the website News Daily Lindokuhle apparently captioned the photo “he is not just a blesser, we are deeply in love and i am grateful for everything he has done for me, much love. Xo xo.”

Floyd Shivambu from the EFF was also not impressed by the image and accepted that it was an accurate reflection of Zuma’s extramarital relationship with a young woman. He dismissed the explanation that it might be Zuma’s daughter or granddaughter.

He posted this update:


The Citizen has asked the presidency for comment and will publish the official response as soon as it becomes available. They said that, at the moment, they were not yet aware of the photos or any rumours surrounding them.

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