Shack life ‘bitterly cold’ – DA North West leader

The DA North West leader, Joe McGluwa.

The DA North West leader, Joe McGluwa.

It was the first time in his life that Joe McGluwa had spent a night in a shack.

The DA’s North West provincial leader, Joe McGluwa, has spent his first night living in a shack at Sonderwater near Potchefstroom.

“It felt like I was sleeping outside,” he said on Tuesday about his experience.

“It is cold, bitter, bitter, bitterly cold. It is like sleeping outside. There is a cold wind that touches you.”

McGluwa would be sleeping in a shack for three days from June 27 – 29 to highlight the harsh conditions people were forced to live in and to share the DA’s plans to bring change to Ikageng.

“I am not going to give up. I am intending going to other places… people are living in humiliating conditions while municipalities are wasting money on irregular or illegal expenditure. This has become a norm… We could have built houses for the forgotten ones,” he said.

It was the first time in his life that the DA leader had slept in a shack. He spent his first night at Botsang Moketsane’s house and would also be hosted by Ntsuba Mokwena.

He said a paraffin stove was used to cook dinner, and afterwards it was taken outside to clear the shack of smoke. The Moketsanes offered him warm water in a plastic cool drink bottle to warm his feet.

“I declined the warm bottle. I wanted to experience what they are exposed to on daily basis.”

The DA wants to take control of the Tlokwe local municipality after the August 3 local government elections.

The Economic Freedom Fighters and now independent candidates under the banner of the Forum 4 Service Delivery also want to topple the African National Congress (ANC) from power.

The forum is contesting a number of wards in various municipalities throughout the North West province.

In Rustenburg, the forum is contesting all 45 wards and says it is confident of winning the municipality.

“We are representing the interests of the people. We have the support of various communities,” said Pogiso Bothomane, a former ANC councillor contesting the election as an independent.

“We were overcome by the processes of the ANC where people who were elected by the community from the ANC processes were removed by the flawed Bojanala regional conferences. We then registered as the Forum 4 Service Delivery,” he said.

He said the people did not have confidence in ANC candidates imposed on them, because they did not trust that they would be able to serve them.

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