Crèche ‘subjects toddler to racism’

Crèche ‘subjects toddler to racism’

A screenshot of the crèche's website.

A crèche has denied a black girl made to sit on her own during a cupcake party was racism, but the MEC has expressed disgust.

A crèche in Centurion came under severe public criticism for allegedly segregating a black child from her white classmates.

This after the Koeitjies en Kalfies Kleuterskool crèche sent a picture to her mother, who was at work at the time. In the picture, which cannot be shown here for legal reasons, there are seven kids, six white and one black. The black child is seen sitting alone at a separate table, while the other six are sitting together on their own table enjoying cupcakes.

Upon receiving the picture, the mother of the black child, whose name cannot be made public for fear of identifying the child, claims she immediately rushed to the crèche to take fetch her child.

“My beautiful 19-month old is made to sit on a table by herself while the rest of her class sits cosy on the table next to her, indulging on delectable spread and my poor child sits with just her lunch tin,” she said. 



“I was livid and outraged when the school sent this to me. While my office is 20 minutes away, I sped to collect my child at an instance and remove her from the school immediately. I have never been so livid, outraged, disappointed in all my life.”

The crèche denied this had anything to do with racism. They, on their Facebook account, posted their own version of 11 “facts” with regard to the incident.

They say: 1. There were only 8 children in the class yesterday;

2. A table can only seat six children;

3. The teacher asked all the kids to come out to the patio for the party;

4. Tammy (name changed) walked to the playground instead with another little girl; 

5. After placing the children, the teacher asked the assistant to bring the two girls; 

6. She then placed both at the table next to them; 

7. As she was about to take the photo, the other little girl started crying and the teacher asked the assistant to pick her up;

8. The photo was taken at that moment; 

9. If you zoom into the photo you will see that Tammy is holding a cupcake in her hand with no icing because her teacher removed it for her. She doesn’t like icing…; 

10. With these photos were also other photos where Tammy is taking part in class activities and where her teacher is helping her; and

 11. The photo in question unfortunately does not tell the true story…”

After circulating on social media, the media sparked a more widespread outcry. Panyaza Lesufi quickly rushed to the school to hear its side of the story. He tweeted: “I am here at the school with the principal. All kids are white, taught by white teachers. Blacks are just maids here! Disgusting.”

“We have to act decisively, so I’ve assigned a social worker to immediately do what is right,” he added.


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