WATCH: Lenasia ATM bomb aftermath

Once suspects had fled, it was discovered a Standard Bank ATM was bombed in full view of terrified customers and staff.

After making staff and customers lie face down on the shop floor, suspects proceeded to attach explosives to an ATM and bomb it, before making off with an undisclosed amount of money.

The scene played out at a Shell Garage in Lenasia Extension 11A’s Bangalore Drive.

Picture: Rising Sun Lenasia

Picture: Rising Sun Lenasia

When residents heard a blast at around 9.30pm on Tuesday, they rushed to investigate, only to be met by a hail of bullets, being sprayed in different directions from an AK47.

Once suspects had fled the scene, it was discovered that a Standard Bank Auto Cash ATM was bombed in full view of terrified customers and staff.

According to Lenasia SAPS spokesperson Captain Hector Netshivhodza, the suspects arrived in two vehicles, a white bakkie and a silver sedan (models unknown).

“The suspects forced staff members that had been in the forecourt into the shop at gunpoint,” said Netshivhodza.

The suspects then made the staff and customers that had been in the shop lie face down on the ground.

“They fitted explosives to the ATM machine and bombed it,” Netshivhodza said.


Picture: Rising Sun Lenasia

It is alleged that an undisclosed amount of money was also taken from the cashiers’ drop safe.

According to residents, one of the suspects kept guard outside the shop.

“When the man saw us coming towards the garage, he fired shots in our direction and we all ran to safety,” a resident said.

An emergency response vehicle was also shot and damaged during the shooting.

“Lenasia Mic Holders and Patrollers were in pursuit of the suspects,” said a source.

Pulsate ambulance services attended to the scene and treated the staff.

“We would like to thank the patrollers that assisted in treatment and stabilisation of staff,” said Shuabe Ebrahim of Pulsate ambulances.

Two suspects were apprehended by security personnel and patrollers, but were later released.

“The suspects were taken in for questioning, but were released as it was found they were not linked to the crime,” Netshivodza said.

Management of the petrol station was contacted by the Rising Sun, but they refused to comment.

The bombing followed that of a Standard Bank Auto Cash ATM at a Total garage at the corner of Volta and K43 in Lenasia Extension 10, which occurred on June 19.

On the day, a petrol attendant on duty witnessed the explosion and an unknown man getting inside a vehicle and fleeing the scene.

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