Human Rights Commission takes Vicki Momberg to court

Footage of Vicki Momberg during her racist rant. Photo: Youtube screenshot

Footage of Vicki Momberg during her racist rant. Photo: Youtube screenshot

The woman driver who was filmed during a racist tirade after a smash-and-grab in Joburg will face the same court that ruled against Penny Sparrow.

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has confirmed that they’ve taken ranting motorist, Vicki Momberg, to the Equality Court for race-based hate speech, News 24 reports.

The commission has also confirmed that the police officer involved in Momberg’s racist tirade has lodged a complaint with them, acknowledging that they knew of the incident as far back as February.

Video footage of Momberg spewing the k-word following a smash-and-grab incident has been dubbed by many who watched it as “the Penny Sparrow sequel”.

Momberg states on many occasions in the footage that she “doesn’t want to deal with k*****s” and that if she “sees a black person, [she] will drive them over”.

While it remains to be seen what action will be taken against Momberg, Penny Sparrow was fined R150 000 earlier this month by the Equality Court for her infamous Facebook post which likened black people to monkeys.

In an interview with News 24, SAHRC spokesperson Isaac Mangena notes: “We have as part of our investigation consulted with [the officer] and considered the evidence presented including the video material which has now gone viral. Having done so, and given our abiding concerns over race-based hate speech, we instituted proceedings in the Equality Court during March. We are waiting for the court”.


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