Life’s a beach for Waterkloof 4 killer

Screen shot of the Facebook video.

Screen shot of the Facebook video.

Fifteen years after he and his three young friends beat a homeless black man to death in Pretoria, one of the Waterkloof 4 killers, Christoff Becker, has evidently found love and is perhaps even planning to get married.

One of the Waterkloof 4 killers, Christoff Becker, appears to have moved on successfully with his life and has evidently also found love.

This video of him enjoying his time on a beach with a young woman was posted on her Facebook page earlier this month. A photo of Becker features as the background image on her personal Facebook page and there are also numerous public messages on her wall of their affection for one another.

Facebook screen shot.

Facebook screen shot.

A day after the video below was made public, they made their relationship official on Facebook, which was generally well received by their friends and family, with one family member expressing her joy in her reaction at the video by saying that she might become a grandmother.

Watch the video on Facebook here, or activate the embed below.

For those who don’t understand the Afrikaans, Becker starts off by admiring the ocean and then excitedly introducing “Sas” in the background. He extols her qualities and beauty and wishes her for her birthday. She says they are in love and suggests that they are already married, which he, somewhat surprised, says is thousands of times better than just dating. He sympathises with her clients, who he says he knows are missing her, but he reassures them that she will be back by the next week.

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Facebook screen shot.

In a later post, she writes: “Every single person on this planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them. The truth might just surprise you.”

Facebook screenshot

Facebook screen shot.

Becker was released on parole for the final time in December 2014. He announced in March of 2015 that he was suing Justice and Correctional Service Minister Michael Masutha and three other officials for R2.5 million in relation to he and Du Preez’s rearrest after their release on parole 10 months earlier in February 2014. They had been made to go back to jail in Pretoria after a cellphone video recording emerged showing the two of them drinking alcohol in prison.

The basis of Becker’s R2.5 million case against the state was that he did not believe he had violated his parole conditions, as his infraction had occurred while still imprisoned. He should therefore not have been rearrested, he said.

All four young men had been released on parole on February 11 2014 after having served five and a half years of their terms.

Their stays in prison and various releases from incarceration had often provided regular fodder for headlines.

Tiedt and Van Schalkwyk had been released on parole for 18 months from December 2011, but had to imprisoned again after the department of correctional services challenged the court’s decision to free them.

Becker was eventually transferred to the Kokstad Maximum Security Prison soon after his rearrest following claims that another illegal cellphone had been found in his possession. He remained in Kokstad until the department simply issued a statement to say he had been released on the same parole conditions as before.

All four men remain subject to their parole conditions, as they will technically only have fully served their sentences in 2019.

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