SA man’s near miss in EgyptAir crash

AFP/File / Andras Soos<br />

AFP/File / Andras Soos
"The Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation has just received an official letter from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that confirms the finding of wreckage of the missing aircraft No. MS 804

A South African woman recounts her terror at the thought that her husband could easily have been on the doomed flight.

Johannesburg resident and SuperSport cameraman Joggie Viljoen’s wife, Judy, spoke of her anguish at thinking her husband was on the doomed Cairo-bound EgyptAir Flight MS804 that crashed in the Mediterranean sea on its return flight to Egypt.

But he was safely at the Cairo International Airport, waiting to board a flight to Paris.

Judy said the news shook her yesterday morning because he could easily have boarded the same flight: he was also headed to Paris when the unfortunate jet made its initial trip to the European city.

“I was quite petrified when I heard the news this morning because you never know when it can happen to you or your loved ones,” she told The Citizen.

“I feel sorry for the people who waited for their family at the airport. Luckily my husband had Wi-Fi on the plane and was able to phone me twice while he was in the air.

“Luckily he flew Emirates and not EgyptAir, but it’s still scary, because it can happen to anyone. I feel very sorry for those people and their families.”

Viljoen and a team from SuperSport are in Paris covering a Uefa football event and were on various flights between Cairo and Paris last night.

“Some of the guys flew EgyptAir, some flew Air France and some flew Emirates,” Judy said.

Flight MS804 disappeared with 66 people on board and was confirmed as having crashed yesterday. An act of terror was not ruled out, authorities said.

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