‘Amtha wanted to die,’ Lenasia murder suspect says

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One of the suspects accused of murdering Jaishika Amtha of Lenasia told the court during a bail application that Amtha asked them to kill her.

The two suspects briefly appeared at the Lenasia Magistrates’ Court south of Johannesburg this morning, where they were denied bail.

Statements by the suspects, Alexis Marais, 32, and Sharon Dupreez, 48, were read out in court, one of which claimed that Amtha wanted to be killed, Rising Sun Lenasia reported.

Marais alleged in her statement that Amtha, 22, had contacted her after she had advertised on OLX seeking employment.

Amtha allegedly offered Marais a job, which was to take care of a young lady who had been suffering from cancer.

It is alleged Amtha let the suspects into her home in March and willingly handed them her cellphone, jewellery, laptop, TV and her father’s gun.

It was also alleged that Amtha instructed the pair to tie her hands and feet, and to blindfold her and tape her mouth shut using cellotape.

“She laid there waiting to die,” the statement read.

Pillows were put over her head and two shots were fired by Marais, hitting Amtha in the head.

Amtha’s uncle, who only identified himself as Darmesh, welcomed the court’s decision to deny the two suspects bail. He however disagreed with their version of events.

“The family is still too traumatised by the incident. They don’t even want to see their (the suspects’) faces,” he added.

The case was postponed to June 29 for further investigation.

– Caxton News Service

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