SACP accuses Guptas of fraudulent activities

Solly Mapaila of the SACP. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

The party has always been critical of the Guptas, accusing the family of having influence over President Zuma and some of his ministers.

SA Communist Party (SACP) second deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila on Tuesday called on the country’s major trade union federation Cosatu to “show balls” and affiliate themselves with the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU).

Addressing the WTFU  international seminar at Cosatu House, Braamfontein, Johannesburg yesterday, Mapaila said: “We want to indicate that affiliation to WFTU is actually Cosatu going back home where it belongs”.

“Cosatu must have balls to affiliate to the WFTU … That is where it belongs.”

However, Mapaila said the federation should not be pressurised by anybody and should affiliate to WFTU of its own will.

Mapaila, meanwhile, accused the controversial Gupta family, who are President Jacob Zuma’s friends of “fraudulent activities”.

“Let them tell the banks to make it public why they have stopped their banking accounts,” he said.

“They won’t say that.

“There will be serious problems of fraudulent activities that will actually be exposed.”

Mapaila said there was a regulation in the country that says that if any banks see that you are doing a fraudulent or illicit activity in your account, the bank must immediately stop your account from existing.

“If they don’t, they get punished,” Mapaila said.

The country’s four biggest banks (First National Bank, Standard Bank, Absa Bank and Nedbank) had decided to cut ties with Oakbay Investments, which is owned by the Gupta family. Last month, Cabinet deployed three ministers to engage with the banks over why they closed the Oakbay accounts.

Mapaila called on the Gupta family to stop using the decision by the banks as a factional issue.

“We have asked the state to transform Post Bank, for instance, and give it a commercial licence to be a state bank,” Mapaila said.

“They have been dilly-dallying.

“Now that the Guptas have made a complaint, this thing will be fast-tracked. It is wrong. It must be done on the basis of revolutionary requirements and need, and not on the basis of factions and influence of business individuals.”

The SACP has been leading a campaign to transform the financial sector since 2000.

The party’s being critical of the Gupta-family’s reported influence over Zuma and some of his ministers has angered many ANC comrades, who are said to be working behind the scenes to have communists removed as ministers.

Mapaila called on the working class to take control of the economy and not to allow the bourgeoisie to retain control.

“It is important that the working class must forge revolution that is anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist,” he said. “The sole task of working class revolutionary forces is to end inequality from its source.”

Mapaila blamed the working class for not taking their struggle seriously.

“Their conditions are alleviated for a few months until the next round of inflation. It is like going to church when you know you are stressed.

“You go to church and pray, pray and pray. You feel good when you come out…”


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