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DA supporters during the party manifesto. Picture: DA leader Mmusi MaimaneDA leader Mmusi Maimane during the party manifesto. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

DA Joburg mayoral candidate throws down the gauntlet to mayor Parks Tau to try to match the DA’s jobs policies.

DA Johannesburg mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba has challenged Johannesburg mayor Parks Tau to a debate on the growing unemployment crisis facing the city.

During a march to demand jobs in Diepsloot yesterday, Mashaba called on the mayor to explain why he allowed the continued bleeding of jobs in the metropole.

“Today, the DA marches in step with a city demanding leadership on jobs, we march on behalf of the 66 000 people who lost their jobs in the first four months of 2016, and for the one in four people who wake up every day without a job.

“Today, I stand before you to issue a challenge to Mayor Parks Tau: come and debate me on the growing unemployment crisis facing our beloved city.”

He also called on Tau to defend the record of the ANC at all levels of government regarding job creation, addingthat the DA was working hard to win Johannesburg in the upcoming municipal elections.

“Because we know that if Johannesburg works, South Africa works.

“The DA is marching in Johannesburg because we have a track record of creating many jobs across South Africa.”

He said the Western Cape – the only province to be governed by the DA – had been the only province to have increased employment levels since January this year.

“We want to bring this change to Johannesburg too. We are marching because there is no freedom without economic freedom.

“Without jobs, we cannot roll back poverty, hunger and we cannot roll back the roadblocks to opportunities.”

He promised Diepsloot residents that the DA would provide additional transport links, water and electricity to communities.

Mashaba said his party had a plan in place to support small businesses, which he described as the “bedrock” of the city’s economy and would provide title deeds that empowered families to own their homes.

“We are also marching because the DA has a plan for education – and there is no better investment in the future of our children than in education.

“Today, the DA is marching for jobs, so that every South African can truly be free.

“Mayor Tau, let’s debate the true state of Johannesburg, we are waiting for your call.”

– Citizen reporter

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