Gauteng contraceptive shortage

State clinics in Gauteng are experiencing a shortage in contraceptive pills.

This comes shortly after a speech by the Minister of Health on the importance of family planning.

“The supplier of this specific contraceptive pill is experiencing challenges at the moment as they have some stock that still needs to undergo quality control tests,” Simon Zwane, spokesman for the Gauteng Department of Health, said yesterday.

Zwane said the Department had had no prior warning that there was to be a shortage and could also not make use of another supplier as it would be too costly.

He explained the government has a contract with the current supplier, but that the performance of the supplier will be reviewed at the end of the contract to see if it will be renewed.

“The pills should be back on the shelves in two weeks time, but in the mean time the Department advises citizens to get contraceptive injections or make use of other methods like condoms,” Zwane said.