Precious Kofi opens up on abuse

Precious Kofi | Image: Supplied

“Faith can’t exist when fear rules you”.

To those that follow her on social media, former TV presenter Precious Kofi (Now Precious Schamel) is a blushing mother of two and a happily married woman, but the former host of reality travel series ‘Precious Africa’ recently took to instagram to speak out about how she grew up in an home where domestic violence and alcohol abuse were the order of the day.

“I grew up fairly anxious about the future. Being raised in a home with domestic violence and alcohol abuse, you never know what to expect. My brother and I would often worry about what was going to happen next, living in a constant state of survival. In me that created an adult who also worried about the future. Always waiting for some sort of crisis to arise,” she jotted down on instagram.

She went on to further explain that she only began recently to grow her faith and let go of her anxiety.

“Now slowly I’m able to catch my mind when it wonders off by remembering that faith can’t exist when fear rules you. And that if I truly believe that I am a daughter of God, then I need to trust in him completely. I need to trust that he has my best intentions at heart. That no matter what the future holds, I will always be taken care of by my Heavenly Father,” she added.

She says she wants a different upbringing for her two children Zuri and Urijah, explaining that she wishes they grow up with “unwavering faith,” pointing out that nonetheless she is eternally grateful for the chance to raise her little ones.

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