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15 Apr 2016
2:50 pm

Blacks can’t be racist – Malema

Citizen reporter

This comes after Malema tweeted that it's an act of self-hate for black people to sound whiter that white people.

FILE PICTURE: Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema. Picture: Neil McCartney

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema is involved in another war over his alleged racist remark.

This comes after Malema tweeted that it’s an act of self-hate for black people to sound  whiter that white people.

“It is actually an act of self-hate for any black person to sound more white than white people. Ours is a revolution,not a bed of roses…” said Malema.

That’s when Malema responded, saying: “black can’t be racist”.

As usual, one of his Twitter followers, Philani Rock ‏@PhilaniRock, responded, saying: “But You sound more like a racist than those white people Mr Malema”.

Curiousity Locksmith ‏@CuriousityLocks argued: “what about a man who writes in a whitemen’s language? That says a lot about him isn’t Julius Malema.”

Ingotya ‏@Magqa23 said: “Utter ignorant rubbish, who decides that that persons sounds whiter in the first place, now u decide how people must talk?”

Malema is not the first person to voice this kind of an argument. Expelled EFF MP and now leader of the Black First Land First, Andile Mngxitama, also holds the view. According to Mngxitama, “racism describes a process of black people’s subjugation. If you don’t limit this definition then racism becomes everything and everyone can be a victim of racism and black people, as a result, are unable to make claims for reparations for slavery, for colonialism, for apartheid and continuing discrimination of black people. You have to understand that.”

“If racism is everything, if you say white people can become victims of racism, what you have done right there, is to wipe off the historical slate clean of the specialised, unique ways in which black people have been oppressed over the ages,” Mngxitama argued in an essay he wrote for Wits University, titled, “Blacks can’t be racist”.

In the wake of Penny Sparrow’s racist slurs, and calls that racism be criminalised, Mngxitama told eNCA that his organisation believes black people should be exempted.

And there is another argument, Bishob Ramalaine lashed out at Mngxitama on one column on News24, saying: “Blacks can be racist because they know the pain of racism. Blacks can be racist when they believe their freedom is more important than the freedom of others.”